av phone mock up showing artists identify is verified

Verify & Centralize your identity

Give your fans a place where they know it’s YOU. Modify your profile to drive your fans to the places you want them to go.
Phone and computer mocks for AV

Own your fan relationships

Acquire and retain actual fan identity data and activity/affinity metrics. YOU own your fan data.
Av phone and tablet mobile mock up of the app

Reward your Superfans

Optimize the relationship with your biggest fans by rewarding them for their fandom and support.
iPhone mockup

Message Fans For Free

Message your fans at anytime and in any segment or group for free without ads, filters or algorithms. Your fans receive EVERY news post & message.
iPhone mockup

Know & engage your fans in new ways

Segment and engage fans by geo-location, fan affinity level, similar favorite artists and more. Offer premium tickets and exclusive offers to your identified fans
iPhone mockup

ALL artists means more fans

Don't Silo your fans to a single community. Let them follow you in a more actionable and rewarding place where they can follow you and ALL their favorite artists.
iPhone mockup

New Revenue Stream

ArtistVerified is committed to rewarding the artists who bring the fans through our fractional artist rebate program for AV Magnet Artists and Top5 Artists of subscribing AV fans.